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A community for many different folks to meet. This forum caters to people that like getting both their socks, shoes, and other clothes wet, muddy, or gunged.
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 Getting your feet muddy

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Soaked for Life!

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PostSubject: Getting your feet muddy   Getting your feet muddy Icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2011 1:06 am

Hello. This section is for other people like me that love getting my socks and shoes muddy and dirty.

I love getting my white (or black) ankle high socks dirty or muddy any chance I get. I hope that when I walk in the grass, or have to take my shoes of to "dump out rocks", that I step into anything from muddy water to thick mud. I also like any chance to make sure my socks get dirty from grass stains, walking on dirt, and sliding or walking on dirty floors. Wooden decks and trampolines hide dirt that can get on to your socks if they are damp and wet. There are countless places that a person can walk that can get your socks visually dirty or even muddy Smile.

I also love watching friends when they get their socks dirty and muddy, even if its a little bit. I feel guilty when I encourage friends to get into situations where they may step into a puddle of muddy water or run outside with their socks on. I hope that they get their socks dirty and muddy on dirt, grass, dirty floors, or even mud that got transferred onto surfaces that we normally walk on. I love rain because it makes plain old dirt stain socks and make socks muddy. This is why springtime is so grand: the rain.

I hope to see anyone at a local park, a canoe drop-off point, or while camping walk around with just their socks on, or step or jump in mud with shoes on if I know that they are wearing socks inside their shoes. Long socks are great when wearing shorts. It becomes more obvious when someone steps or falls in water and mud that they are getting their socks and shoes muddy and soaked. I love when people wear long socks with shorts outside when it is muddy because when they walk or run, sometimes they scrape the sides of their muddy shoes against the ankles of the socks that stick up above the shoes. Its a pretty sight! I guess I say that because I am jealous that I am not joining them as their socks get wet and muddy. ...maybe even jealous that it is not me instead of them Smile. ha ha ha.

Please tell about what you like to do or see here. Feel free to tell stories as well Wink. Thanks!

-Tony (the Tiger)
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PostSubject: Muddy Socks   Getting your feet muddy Icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 3:21 am

It feels so awsome to kick off your sneaks and slide into the mud in clean white socks. Once in the mud, walking around and sliding around in the mud with ur socks on..i so love the feeling and the look of the socks after trashing them in the mud....Im off in the mud in my socks every chance i get..which is not enough
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PostSubject: Re: Getting your feet muddy   Getting your feet muddy Icon_minitimeThu Oct 25, 2012 12:26 am

Hello everyone,
I just found this community and had to register right away. I love getting my white socks muddy and dirty. The thing I've been doing lately is this. I walk around my block in the evenings in white socks hoping that at least one or two of the houses I pass just had their lawn sprinklers on. I love walking across the wet sidewalk getting just the bottoms of my socks wet. I was walking a couple of days ago, and passed a house where the sidewalk was wet. As I walked out of the water, my socks left wet footprints on the dry concrete and just then a couple walking the opposite direction passed me. We wished each other a good evening but as they passed me they weren't looking at my face, they were looking at my socked feet....leaving wet footprints behind as I went. I love it when people lock the eyes on my socked feet!

I'd also like to add that I've read some of jaysonsox's posts on EP. I'm a member there as well.

I'm going to try something new this weekend. My usual outfit is a t-shirt, shorts and white socks and that is what I will be wearing when I go to the movies on Saturday. I currently go into grocery stores, home improvement centers....you know the H.D.....and restaurants in socks and have never been asked to leave, so why not the movies?
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PostSubject: Re: Getting your feet muddy   Getting your feet muddy Icon_minitime

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Getting your feet muddy
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