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A community for many different folks to meet. This forum caters to people that like getting both their socks, shoes, and other clothes wet, muddy, or gunged.
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 Crammy Ryno Dare Show!

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PostSubject: Crammy Ryno Dare Show!   Crammy Ryno Dare Show! Icon_minitimeThu May 12, 2011 4:12 am

Hey all. I wanted to share the link to my good friend, Ryno's forum. Ryno is who actually inspired the idea to make a community forum about wet and muddy clothes and footwear. He created a nice community that is interactive and lots of fun while using free hosted forum sites. Here is the link...

The Crammy Ryno Dare Show forums:
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His forum is a friendly community where people can exchange dares and also share pictures and videos of people doing self-wedgies and such (or wedgies from a friend). There is also some cool features where there are monthly wedgie-offs and dare shows. A wedgie-off is where dares are exchanged between members, and if the member who received the dare actually attempts the dare and shares media of them doing that dare, they get to keep giving dares. Who ever ends up winning by accepting the dares and doing them fully without giving up gets to dare the creator or whoever (the rules are sort of relaxed depending on the situation) almost any dare as a prize... sometimes the prize is already spelled out though. Dare shows are usually video chat sessions where you can give dares live and chat with Ryno.

Here is the commercial/advertisement for his forums:
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So if you like getting or giving wedgies and enjoy dares, please check Ryno's forum out and give him some support Smile Thanks!


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Crammy Ryno Dare Show!
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