A community for many different folks to meet. This forum caters to people that like getting both their socks, shoes, and other clothes wet, muddy, or gunged.
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PostSubject: Videos   Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:13 am

Due to the nature of this forum, it may not be organized the same way compared to other forums that you are used to. Rules may be stricter in some areas to make this forum a more enjoyable place!

The moderators are capable of editing or deleting portions of your post if the material posted (typed, linked, etc) are against the Forumotion's TOS, if it is illegal, if it is offensive, or if it is in bad taste.

Please embed videos from video hosting sites or use file hosting sites located outside of these forums to share your videos! There is a tiny limit in size for attachments in posts, so that means I have control of deleting or editing attchments to allow others to post. Think of the attaching videos and files as a temporary placeholder before you post a link or embed a larger, or higher quality, version of the same video on an file or video hosting site. In that case, please delete your attachment if you post a link of the same video. If I have no choice but delete an attached video or file, and such video is amazing, then I may upload it to a file hosting site and post a link giving credit to the original poster.

If you use a file hosting site to host a video or set of videos, use the common *.zip file format and please do not use a password. If I cannot get access to your video or if I cannot extract the file, then it is not suitable for the whole community and it may get deleted!

Thanks for sharing!

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