A community for many different folks to meet. This forum caters to people that like getting both their socks, shoes, and other clothes wet, muddy, or gunged.
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 Welcome to the forums!

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PostSubject: Welcome to the forums!   Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:22 am

Hello and welcome to the Get Soaked forums!

Enjoy your stay at one of the first forums designed to be accommodating to the great people that enjoy getting any of their clothing (from socks to hats and any skin in between) soaked in water, dirty, muddy, gunged, stained (from the prior activities), or even destroyed (also from the previously mentioned activities). If you like to jump into a pool or anyplace with water, a mud puddle, or a bath tub full of slime wearing anything, then this is the place to be! Get absorbed into the community and share your experiences, recorded media (pictures, videos, sounds), stories, or memories. This is just a friendly place for practically anyone that enjoys participating in such activities, likes seeing others that enjoy them, or hearing or reading about others that enjoy them. Kick off your shoes (or not) and enjoy! Please make yourself at home....

Due to the nature of this forum, it may not be organized the same way compared to other forums that you are used to. Rules may be stricter in some areas to make this forum a more enjoyable place! Remember that this forum is actually a community that requires lots of participation and involvement to make it thrive and to make it amazing! So, please consider a few things before you dive in to the forums:

-This is everyone's home for talk about wet and messy clothes. Please keep the topic matter clean -meaning your language, links, pictures, videos, stories, links to multimedia, etc. The moderators are capable of editing or deleting portions of your post if the material posted (typed, linked, etc) are against the Forumotion's TOS, if it is illegal, if it is offensive, or if it is in bad taste.

-Please post your new threads in the proper sections. If you want to share your experiences about the first time that you got your socks soaked in a mud puddle, please post your thread in the "Wet and Messy Footwear" category and under the "Muddy" category. If you are unsure where it belongs, start a thread in the "Other" category, or please ask in the "General" category.

-Please use image, video, and file hosting outside of these forums! There is a tiny limit in size for pictures posted in the "Gallery" and files attached to posts, so that means I have control of deleting pictures and attachments to allow others to post. Think of the "Gallery" and attachments as a temporary placeholder before you post a link to a larger, or higher quality, version of the same media on an image, video, or file hosting site. In that case, please delete your media from the "Gallery" or attachments if you post a link of the same media.

-If you use a file hosting site to host a set of pictures or a video, use the common *.zip file format and please do not use a password. If I cannot get access to your gallery or video, then it is not suitable for the whole community and it may get deleted!

-Please make suggestions for the forum in the "Suggestions" thread in the "Welcome" category. I will gladly accept any advice, suggestions, or ideas to make this forum more suitable for the community, better organized, and more enjoyable for all members. In addition, if it is a simple feature addition or setting that is just for individual tastes, I may try it out to be accommodating or to see how it looks and feels on the forum. Just ask about anything you want to be added, changed, modified, removed, re-organized, etc.

Tony and your GetSoaked Admin and family

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Welcome to the forums!
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